Shifting into panic mode


Can’t believe how much I’ve got to do before I go – apart from all the trip and project preparations, it’s my youngest granddaughter’s birthday at the weekend and I’ve also got to take Christmas into consideration, never mind about all the other projects I’ve got on the go…

Charlie, Simon’s son, is well on with rehearsing songs with Sunduza after a Skype chat we had about potential song collaborations. One is based on Woza Ngena, a traditional song Simon performed exhorting children to learn and keep alive their traditional songs and games.Simon loved children – he has five – Charlie, Ormmie, Tonny, Cristabel and Amanda – plus a little granddaughter Ashley.

Simon's first meeting with his granddaughter, Johannesburg 2011

Simon’s first meeting with his granddaughter, Johannesburg 2011

I found this video on You Tube of a nice exchange Simon had with children in the audience during a Sunduza tour.